Unite or Die!

For those Americans of the liberal persuasion, those of the conservative, and those of the independent, it is time to realize that time is running out because of...

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For those Americans of the liberal persuasion, those of the conservative, and those of the independent, it is time to realize that time is running out because of the endless battles that are unraveling our civic fabric.

All of us can agree that with the help of the compliant media (the ambulance-chasing media) sensational news is pumped out into our living rooms daily with the intention of angering us, alienating us, and ultimately dividing us along political, racial, gender, religious (or non), and economic lines. The attempt to Balkanize the nation has been very successful, and has now pitted one group against another in an intractable and strident manner.

We have lost that sense of equanimity and true tolerance that once characterized the national character. That spirit made it possible for Americans of different classes, cultures, and beliefs to unite and defeat fascism around the world in World War II, saving the world from a new Dark Age. Could that unity and resolve be found today? Now that is the question, isn’t it? Personally, I have my doubts.

To my liberal, conservative, and independent fellow citizens I suggest the words of Admiral Steven Decatur, who said, “Though I may not agree with what you have to say, I will defend to the death your right to say it!” Now, regardless of where you pitch your tent, I must say, if you cannot agree with that sentiment, then we will probably never find common ground.

I am by choice a Christian, evangelical, conservative, small-government, Tea Party hawk, and proud of it! But I am not silly enough to believe that this nation only offers me, and those who think like me, the spoils of any victories my party might realize. Being conciliatory to each, giving them voice and opportunity to present alternate and maybe even offensive ideas is what the founders had in mind. The truth is that none of the three positions I mentioned are sacrosanct. The Tea Party has Libertarians, social conservatives, economic conservatives, isolationists, etc., all vying for dominance, and trying to speak authoritatively for the whole. Moderates and liberals have similar divisions.

So the question is: how do we unite, with all our differences, distrust, and hostility at this late date for the good of the nation? Understand, we are at the point of dissolution with tragic results! Distrust and cynicism by the citizenry of, not just government, but all government, is reaching crisis levels. If dissolution rears its ugly head on this continent, the Civil War, will look like child’s play!

May I suggest that we can unite around one impartial thing. It is already available to us, though it has been trampled on for the last sixty plus years. It’s called the United States Constitution. The question I would proffer to liberals, independents, and conservatives of all stripes is this: Are you as an American citizen willing to live under and according to the limits on our government defined in the Constitution? It’s that simple. The Constitution is the one document, with its Bill of Rights, that prevents all branches of government, all politicians, and any liberal, independent, or conservative group from conducting tyranny or anarchy against any of us.

If we can agree to live under that, we can disagree all we want without resorting to libel, slander, and open hostility, while uniting against those forces that would destroy us like former republics!

A woman asked Benjamin Franklin after the Constitution was ratified what kind of government he had left them? “A republic,” he responded, “if you can keep it?” That’s the question for us citizens!

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