Weekly Roundup for 9/2/2016 – Kaepernick Shows Some Respect, IRS Fail, And More

Herky the Hawk too mean, IRS sits on information about stolen SSNs, Kaepernick and more

What a week.  While Louisiana is still reeling from flooding, parts of Florida and Georgia are getting hammered by Hermione.  Who would have thought the cute girl from Harry Potter would have such a temper?

Anyway, here are the stories you may have missed this week.

  1. 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick hasn’t had the best week PR wise.  Refusing to stand during the national anthem, then claiming oppression as the reason his millionaire butt didn’t stand wasn’t much of a help.  However, he did kneel during the national anthem during a game honoring vets.  At least it’s a sign of respect from the entitled player.
  2. The FBI is set to release pages of notes on their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.
  3. The IRS flagged over a million people who appeared to have had their social security numbers stolen by identity thieves.  They failed to notify a soul, however.  Apparently, they want to give the TSA a run for their money as “most hated government agency.”  Stay classy, IRS.  Stay classy.
  4. The Mexican foreign minister called on the United States to pass a new assault weapon ban to stem the alleged tide of guns entering the nation.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the response from the White House had been a call for Mexico to ban people to stem the tide of those coming into our country?
  5. A professor at the University of Iowa wants the athletic department to change the mascot because Herky–the hawk mascot that prances around the sidelines at football games–has an angry expression on his face.  She’s worried it might distress special snowflake students.  Yes, really.
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