Whoa! What's Snacking on Great White Sharks?

Do you want to know why we have never liked swimming in the ocean? This! This is why!

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The Great White Shark has been described as the perfect predator.  Always prowling, never sleeping, they hunt continuously.  Their stealthy attack is what made Jaws such a classic film, making an entire generation of beach goer just a little nervous about the salty water.

Now, something is hunting the hunters.

Researchers were tagging great whites to study their movements. In the process, they tagged a nine-foot female, who left the area safely. Four months later, her tag was found on a beach near where she was first caught — and the data tells a very interesting story.

“It showed this profile going down the shelf to 580 meters, then a huge temperature change … another living animal,” said a Smithsonian researcher.

Yes, it appears that the nine-foot great white was eaten. The big question? What ate her? Whatever it was, it had to be big enough to swallow almost 10 feet of apex predator, and quick enough to drag it almost 2,000 feet in a few seconds.

So, what is it? A giant squid? Godzilla? A Megalodon? Well, actually, that last one is not too far off from the real theory.

The Megalodon was a prehistoric shark, much like a great white … but 60-feet long. Researchers don’t actually believe it was a Megalodon, but they do think it was a giant shark: a great white about 16-feet long and weighing over 4,000 lbs. This deduction came from studying the migratory patterns of other great whites that happened to be in the same area as the missing shark with matching body temperatures.

So, a nine foot shark was chomped on by an even bigger shark?  Doesn’t this sound like the beginning of a made-for-SyFy movie?  Are these sharks going to be sucked up by a tornado next?

Of course, this is just a theory.  Without a doubt, the internet will soon have it’s own theory to add to the mix soon enough.

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    Russian submarines!

    Chinese submarines!

    Namor, the Submariner!

    Black Manta!

    Hillary Clinton’s email server!

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  2. Dave Pascoe Reply

    Something like Deep Blue, the 20′ (probably pregnant) great white filmed recently? Whale sharks are big, but that is one enormous predator.

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